The One Question to Ask Yourself Everyday

The One Question to Ask Yourself Everyday

Am I operating from a place of fear or love?

This is a question that I’ve personally been leaning into quite a bit lately.

Are the decisions I’m making, the things I’m taking action on, the ways I’m flowing in my personal and professional development, are they based from a place of authenticity and care, or are they driven by seeds of doubt and scarcity?

Taking Imperfect Action

Taking Imperfect Action

Many of my clients are shocked when they realize that true and lasting healing from disordered eating and body-hate actually has very little to do with food and their bodies.

Sure, those are the things you project your pain onto. That you try with all your might to control to stop your unworthiness wounds from flaring up. 

But, the efforts of control are a massive distraction.

A distraction that reinforces the message you've bought into that if you don't control, that if you don't strive and grind for perfection, then you won't ever feel worthy. Loved. Beautiful even.

You have the power within you, at this very moment, to take steps to stop this cycle.

By giving yourself permission, momentary permission even, to practice imperfect action.

Food Guilt and Curiosity

Food Guilt and Curiosity

Have you seen that meme bepopping around Facebook and Instagram with one woman saying she feels so bad guilty for eating chocolate cake and the other exclaiming, "for f**'s sake, Sharon!..."

Well in case you haven't, for your viewing pleasure, here it is!

The Real Deal About Food & Body Control

The Real Deal About Food & Body Control

We exert so much energy trying to control our food and trying to control the way our bodies appear. 

Because we’ve been taught to think that this kind of control will be the antidote to the parts of our lives, the parts of ourselves, that we feel most vulnerable about.

→Our bodies.

→Our self-worth.

→Our ability to make things look easy. Like we’ve got our shit together.

Control in its basic form is a response to feeling powerless in some way.

So when we look at the staggering number of women engaging in disordered eating patterns, it makes so much sense.

We feel powerless. We feel ashamed. We feel self-doubt.