Food is Just Food

Like we’ve talked about, the years we’ve spent in dieting cycles have us buying into the fact that foods are either good or bad. No in between.  

To break it down even further, a calorie is a calorie. Our bodies don’t know the difference between 100 calories of cauliflower vs 100 calories of mashed potatoes.

What our bodies do know is how these things taste, how they satisfy our cravings and how they satiate us.  When you’re craving creamy mashed potatoes, and make the swap for mashed cauliflower instead, you’re saving calories, but ultimately are setting yourself up for a deprivation situation.
When you deprive yourself of what you’re truly craving it’s like stacking wooden blocks on an unsteady surface. You can only do it for so long before the blocks tumble.

And you can only deprive yourself for so long before you cave and make up for lost time.

Judgements about good and bad foods get in the way of honoring what are bodies are asking for. When we take the time to get curious about what we’re truly craving, and match what we eat to that craving, we start to put an end to the deprivation ---> overindulgence cycle. 

In other words, we put the good vs. bad mindset to rest.

When we consistently match our cravings to what we are feeding ourselves, we stop feeling like we have to polish off the whole bag of Doritos, or scrape the last spoonful out of the bottom of the pint of ice cream.


Because by removing the “bad” label from them, foods no longer have that sexy lure to them. We take the power away from “cheat” foods. And the more we allow ourselves to indulge, the more we will reestablish a trusting relationship with our bodies and our minds.

Ahh, yes, there it is! Abundance!

By transitioning to a place of abundance from the place we are accustomed to living (scarcity!) we stop obsessing over everything we put in our mouths. Our attitude begins to shift to what truly matters; feeling good physically, and escaping FOMO around food.

Today’s worksheet is meant to challenge the way you view good vs. bad foods. Don’t forget to grab it here.

That made you question the good vs. bad mentality, right?

As you move away from the good vs. bad classification, you’ll find that your body is actually craving a wide variety of foods, not just sweets all the time...or veggies all the time for that matter.

It’s up to you to feed your body what it wants, when it wants it.

This is a key to food freedom.

Tomorrow’s the final day! Don’t forget to finish things up and let me know how you’ve made out. You can shoot me an email here!

Talk to you then,



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