The Single Woman's Series

You're single and searching for love ❤️ 

As a therapist in private practice, I  started to see an overwhelming number of single women walking through my door feeling helpless, hopeless and broken hearted. Despite their countless gifts, kind hearts and hard working nature, they felt as though they'd never heal their hearts and find the relationship they've been searching for.

I know that they're not alone. So, it became my mission to dig into the pains of being a single woman looking for love in today's world. I've interviewed countless women along with experts in love, relationships and women's empowerment and will be sharing these stories and insights over the next handful of weeks. 

My hope is that this series will help you put the pieces of your heart back together, utilize new strategies and tools in the dating world and discover what's holding you back not only in love, but in life.

Check out the published articles below (*updated weekly*):


Happily Ever When?! Singlehood as a 30-something Woman

If You Don't Love You, It's Hard to Believe That Anyone Else Can


Alone Again in the New Year

When We Tear One Woman Down, We Tear All Women Down


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