HuffPost Article! Regaining Weight and So Much More

“She’s gained some of weight... and not in a good way.”

Over the span of some years I heard this comment quite a bit. Throughout my last years of college, as I entered graduate school and launched into adulting, my weight gain seemed to be a common observation by family, friends, and acquaintances.

Little did these folks know, (and really, little did I know at the time) but I wasn’t only carrying more physical weight than I had in the past, but I was also carrying the weight of depression, anxiety, shame and fear of never-living-up.

I was using food to cope, and escape, to comfort and soothe.

At the time the weight gain seemed like the worst possible thing in the world. I was hyper-focused on the way my body appeared which only fueled the feelings of shame, worry of not being good enough and steepened the spiral and isolation of depression.

So, I did what most women in our culture do.

I started dieting.

And, as the story goes for many women, the diets took on a life of their own. They capitalized on my personal predisposition to go to the extreme and be all-freaking-in.

And it landed me headfirst into an eating disorder.

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