What To Do After a Binge

It happened...

The easter baskets.

The chocolate filled eggs.

Those damn chocolate bunnies!

You binged.

You vowed this holiday would be different.. not like Christmas 2016.

But, it's like the chocolate holds some sort of power over you.

Maybe you went to bed feeling uncomfortably full, wondering why you just can't control yourself around food.

Maybe you're feeling...





And thoughts have started to creep their way in about what you can do to undo the caloric damage

An extra long run tomorrow

Skip breakfast, skip lunch

Maybe it's the perfect time to start a Whole 30!


Before you jump headfirst into beating yourself into a pulp over a day of eating, let's talk about healing in a different way.

Step 1: Take a deep breath. We don't make rational decisions when we are reeling from uncomfortable emotions.

Step 2: Instead of punishing your mind and body, why not take care of them?

-Your mind- feel those emotions! If you're angry punch a pillow. If you're sad, hug someone who can comfort you. If you're ashamed speak those word to a trusted person, don't let them fester and build inside of you.

-Your body- Give your body some extra love. Allow it to do it's job. What it needs right now is time to work it's magic, what it doesn't need is added stress from over exercising. Do what makes you feel good- walk, dance, stretch, do yoga... now's not the time to jump into a new program and punish yourself for overdoing it.

Step 3: Call to mind something awesome that happened yesterday. When we are so focused on food and our bodies, it's easy to miss out on life that's happening in the moment. Call to mind a moment of joy and connection. Relive that moment and consider how you can recreate more moments just life it.

Step 4: Forgive yourself! For polishing off the bunny or the bag of jelly beans in a state of exhaustion, chaos, *holy shit this tastes good* or overwhelm.

-Now, really forgive yourself. Not the half-assed "meh I forgive myself" but the "I really really forgive myself for having a tough moment."

  • Practice being identifying and being with your emotions.
  • Tend to your body in a different way.
  • Don't punish yourself with a new diet or exercise plan
  • Offer yourself the forgiveness you would offer someone you love.

Bouncing back after a binge eating episode can be tough. But the more you practice a new way of taking care of yourself, the easier it will become.

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