Your Body Is Not The Problem

I know, you don’t believe a word of that statement.

But it’s true. Your body is not the problem.

You’ve blamed your body for so many things…

For not being able to love who you are
For your lacking self-confidence
For your seemingly perpetual singlehood
For your inability to fit in
For not feeling comfortable naked around your partner
For your obsession with food

If your body could just be a bit…


You’ll FINALLY accept yourself. You’ll be able to love yourself. You’ll finally be beautiful, damnit!

Here’s the thing.

Self-love is unconditional.

It’s not…

“I’ll love my legs when they have less cellulite”

“When I fit into size ‘x’ I’ll be able to be confident about my body”

“If I stay this size forever I won’t ever struggle with body image again”

How often do you find yourself falling into conditions like these?

And when the cellulite doesn’t disappear, you don’t reach that coveted size, or you grow out of the size you’re in, you beat yourself up. More and more each time.

Think about your relationship with you children, or your pet if you don’t have kids. You love them unconditionally. Not only when they behave the way you ask them to. You love them despite their ability to make you crazy, to question your sanity and to doubt yourself.

Self-love works the same way. It’s possible to love yourself while accepting the parts of yourself you’re not thrilled with.

Your body is not the problem.

Your cellulite is not the problem.

Your love handles are not the problem.

Your stretch marks are not the problem.

Your acne is not the problem.

So what is?

Your mindset is the problem.

Yup, I just called you out. And, let me tell you why.

Because deep down we all want to feel comfortable in our own skin. We want to be at peace with ourselves. We want to feel what it’s like to love our whole selves; mind, body and soul.

But as long as we continue to focus on what we hate and allow those parts to consume us, the longer we stay stuck.

Because treating the things we love, or want to love, with hate is, well… it’s ass backwards.

Instead of insularly focusing on what you need to change about your body, why not focus on ways you can change your mindset about your body and about your relationship with it?

You may not even know where to start.

That’s ok! That’s where I come in.

There’s power in getting super clear about how your mindset can shift from a place of hate, to neutrality, to acceptance, to love.

Today, let’s start doing just that.

I put together a worksheet to help you get concrete and intentional about how your mindset can shift in relationship to your body. Because if you don’t know what you’re working through and why, how can anything be effective?

Click here to grab your worksheet. Be sure to save it so you can fill it out and come back to it as needed.

Notice how we’re taking the focus off of physically changing your body? I get it, it’s not a comfortable shift. Hang in there. Radical self-love starts in your mind.

And remember, you can’t hate yourself into loving yourself.