Challenging the Typical Weight and Health Conversation

Challenging the Typical Weight and Health Conversation

"I want to lose weight because I want to get healthy."

"I need to lose weight because I need to get healthy."

"I'm not healthy in this body."

Sarah, have you ever had similar thoughts?

I'm sure you have! Because most people I chat with everyday have them, have had them and are bound to continue have them!

Can we talk a little bit about why?

A few thoughts on legacy

A few thoughts on legacy

*This blog contain a brief discussion on loss and death*

Last week 2 people I knew and deeply respected throughout different seasons of my life died.

Now, these folks weren’t active participants in my current life, but both of these deaths seemed quite sudden, untimely and unexpected.

The shock and waves of sadness for them, their families, their friends and their communities were palpable in my mind and in my body as the week closed out.

And it really got me thinking about legacy.

The One Question to Ask Yourself Everyday

The One Question to Ask Yourself Everyday

Am I operating from a place of fear or love?

This is a question that I’ve personally been leaning into quite a bit lately.

Are the decisions I’m making, the things I’m taking action on, the ways I’m flowing in my personal and professional development, are they based from a place of authenticity and care, or are they driven by seeds of doubt and scarcity?

Taking Imperfect Action

Taking Imperfect Action

Many of my clients are shocked when they realize that true and lasting healing from disordered eating and body-hate actually has very little to do with food and their bodies.

Sure, those are the things you project your pain onto. That you try with all your might to control to stop your unworthiness wounds from flaring up. 

But, the efforts of control are a massive distraction.

A distraction that reinforces the message you've bought into that if you don't control, that if you don't strive and grind for perfection, then you won't ever feel worthy. Loved. Beautiful even.

You have the power within you, at this very moment, to take steps to stop this cycle.

By giving yourself permission, momentary permission even, to practice imperfect action.