Honing In On Your Self-Talk

The past couple of days I’ve mentioned letting go of self judgement. That’s easier said than done, I know!

Throughout your dieting journey you’ve found yourself eating foods that were “bad” for you, which resulted in spiraling into a place of judgement, anger and resentment… toward yourself and toward food. This was typically followed by a vow to clean up your act come Monday.

Am I right?
Thought so!

Each and every time you have put yourself down for overeating, you’ve chipped away at your self-esteem.

Remember when I told you that I was convinced that there was something wrong with me because I just couldn’t seem to stop eating all the food on weekends?

Well, that belief made me feel so anxious around food that it was essentially like a self-fulfilling prophecy. I fell off the wagon, beat myself up, convinced myself that I’d never be able to be “good” and when faced with foods “off plan” my anxiety got the best of me.

I’d go nuts on anything and everything.

As soon as I made a conscious choice to become more aware of how I was treating myself in those moments, I experienced a serious shift.

This choice provided me the opportunity to speak to myself in a different way; one that was forgiving and supportive.

And, as a result, my binges lessened in frequency and intensity.

I stopped punishing myself. I gave myself permission to be imperfect around food. I gave myself permission to let that shit go

So often we speak to ourselves in ways that we would never imagine speaking to our best friend, our children, our mother. This self-talk makes us feel weaker, not good-enough and more out of control.

Think of it this way; if negative self-talk worked, don’t you think that you’d have reached your coveted size (*insert “goal” size here*) by now?

Today’s worksheet is designed to help you recognize and start shifting the way you talk to yourself when it comes to eating the foods that have previously sent you spiraling into a shame loop.

Before we dive in, I want you to imagine the most kind, loving and compassionate person you know.

I want you to close your eyes and really hear their voice and feel their presence. In the past what have they said to you that made you feel loved and supported? Hear and feel that message, right here and right now.

I want to help you create a relationship with yourself that harnesses that feeling.

Ok, on to the worksheet! Grab it here.

Ready for a challenge?

Notice how you speak to yourself for the rest of the day. Not only around food, but in all aspects of your life. When you recognize a negative statement about yourself coming across your brainspace, challenge it. Rewrite the statement as one that encompasses compassion, kindness and forgiveness.

If you're struggling to reframe things, take a minute to consider what that loving person you identified earlier would say.

What would they tell you?

How would they make you feel loved?

Now, say that to yourself.

Remember... practice, practice, practice.

And, if you need any support along the way, shoot me an email. 



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