What Are You Committed To?

Are your commitments dragging you down?

No, I’m not talking about your commitment to show up at work whether you feel like it or not…

Because a girl’s gotta pay the bills, am I right?!

I’m talking about those unspoken commitments. The ones that you’ve fed into despite their ability to leave you feeling like… well, a hot mess.

  • Your commitment to making other people happy at your own expense.
  • Your commitment to criticizing yourself at every turn.
  • Your commitment to focusing on your flaws and shortcomings.
  • Your commitment to seeing yourself through other people’s eyes.
  • Your commitment to should’ing all over yourself.
  • Your commitment to the idea that you can’t possibly trust your intuition.
  • Your commitment to not feeling good-enough until you appear a certain way.

Whoa. Those are some pretty intense (and draining!!) commitments!! 

Can you relate to any? Most? All?

These types of commitments quickly transform into beliefs about ourselves, our relationships and our world.

Our beliefs then feed our behavior. To continue to seek approval, validation and offer ourselves criticism and rejection.

And our behaviors then justify those underlying commitments.

Which only takes us out of our power and leaves us stuck in comparisons and not good enoughness.

See how it turns into a cycle that’s hard to see your way out of?

Let’s break the cycle. 

By recommitting to yourself! As often as you possibly can.

Be aware of how you’ve bought into draining commitments- even those you haven’t been aware that you’ve been honoring (see above). Recognize when you’re holding tightly to them.

How do they affect your mood, your energy and your ability to be kind and compassionate to yourself?

Now, create a new commitment. A simple one, really.

To be true to yourself. 

To honor parts of you that you know are amazing AND the parts that you don’t like so much. Because all of these parts are what make you who you are.

Take even a fraction of the energy away from honoring the commitments that drain you and use it to honor and recognize your own beautiful badassery

Each time you shift that energy, you'll realign with what is *truly* important to you and the gifts you offer your world. 

Giving you the opportunity to stand authentically in the power of all that you are. 

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