Fat Is Not A Feeling

The other day I posted a meme on Facebook that read: "you are not fat. You have fat. You have fingernails. You are not fingernails."

"I feel fat"

A comment so familiar to women teens and young girls.

But, fat is not a feeling.

How many times have you said that phrase in the past week? Month? Probably countless.

What did you really mean in those moments, though?

If fat is not a feeling (because it's def not!) what's really hiding beneath the surface? What is it that's bubbling up in those moments?

Here's a trick for you to get a bit more curious about it.

F- Feeling---> Name it! Worried, frustrated, overwhelmed, afraid, sad, discouraged, tense. What exactly are you feeling in this moment?

A- Attitude---> In this moment, how is your attitude affecting you? How are those feelings you just identified impacting the way you're showing up in the world?

T- Tension---> Where is the feeling and your attitude causing tension in your body? Maybe you're feeling butterflies in your stomach as you look in the mirror before you go on a date. Maybe you can feel knots in your neck as you prep for that presentation at work. How is your body interpreting your feelings and your current attitude? Now, what can you do to take care of that part of you?

Take a deep breath

Offer yourself an affirmation

Step away from the mirror

Look inward

So, the next time you find yourself saying, "GAH I FEEL SO FAT!" give that little exercise a try. 

Replace fat with your feelings, attitude and where the tension is in your body. Then, take a moment to tend to yourself. 

I'd venture to say that you'll discover what's really going on behind the statement.

I created a worksheet for you to use in those moment. Grab it here for some guidance and a reminder to dig a little deeper in those moments. 

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