Stop Yelling at Yourself

Yelling at yourself isn't the solution to healing your relationship with food.

You know what I mean...

Each time you beat yourself up for overdoing it.

When you tell yourself that there MUST be something wrong with you because you can't seem to avoid those "bad" foods.

When you kick yourself in the butt for falling off of your diet by starting an even more restrictive diet.

As you're putting yourself down and beating yourself up, you're only adding fuel to the overeating, restrict/binge cycle.

→Because it Increases your worry, stress and continues to undermine your relationship with food and your body.

Make the decision to speak compassionately to yourself and to stop criticizing yourself each and every time you eat.

→Yes, even when you eat emotionally or find yourself wondering what the heck just happened after a binge.

It's imperative to grow that kind voice within you to shift your attitude surrounding all eating experiences from critical to nurturing.

When you eat when you're hungry, notice how you feel. Recognize and affirm how you've taken care of yourself.

When you eat when you're not hungry, take a moment to realize what you're doing and affirm yourself for getting curious and engaging in the process.

"I'm eating and I'm not physically hungry- is there something else going on for me right now? In this moment, I'm doing the very best I can."

When you take the judgement, blame and shame out of it, you're left with what is. An experience and a learning opportunity. A chance to accept where you are and lean into where you want to go.

→Less worry. Less stress. Less criticism. Less fuel to the restrict/binge cycle.

→More calm. More compassion. More kindness. More perspective.

Which will lessen your drive to turn to food.

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