Create Your Own Body Rules

Whose body rules are you living by?

Spoken rules and unspoken rules…

Without acknowledging and questioning them, they can dictate how we see and treat ourselves.

  • Don’t get too big
  • Tone up
  • Your thighs shouldn’t touch
  • You can't be healthy at that size
  • Cellulite is gross
  • You’ll feel better when you lose ___ pounds
  • You’ll be lovable once you change your body
  • You’re just not good enough as you are

Just writing these rule like this makes me cringe.

Because women all over the world buy into them day in and day out.

And they become internalized as beliefs- beliefs that drive the way we engage in our lives. Beliefs that as a collective, we fail to question, or even recognize as a problem.

And they keep us stuck in comparisons, not good enoughness and the diet and body-loathing trap.

Let me ask you…

At what point did you consciously agree to follow these rules, despite their impact on your physical AND emotional health?

Are you sick and tired of having rules that you never agreed to rule your life? Rule the way you treat yourself? Rule the way you see yourself?

→Write your own body rules. 
→What rules would make this world a safer, braver and loving place for ALL bodies?
→Decide what’s most important to you.

And toss the other BS.

A group of brave women who are TIRED of buying into self-defeating and body-bashing rules are gathering together once a week for 12 weeks, starting September 12.

They’re rebelling against the culture that has convinced so many women that they need to shrink to level-up.

This is the Dieter’s Rebellion 🙆🏻 !

✨And, 2 spots are still open in group!✨

→Together, let’s rewrite your body rules.
→Let’s throw out the idea that you aren’t good enough exactly as you are.
→Let’s learn new ways to care for your mind and body that REALLY feed your mind, body and soul.

Learn more about the Dieter’s Rebellion Support Group here!

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