anxiety therapy in Horsham, PA

anxiety therapy in Horsham, PA 

You're caught up in the grips of seemingly endless worry, stress and even panic. It feels so oppressive that you wonder if you'll ever be able to find a sense of peace within your own mind.

You're ready to understand where it's coming from, how it functions and how to live your best life in spite of it.

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Stress and worry seem to show up everywhere in your day-to-day

Between the battle for perfection, your inner critic convincing you that you just aren't enough and your drive to effortlessly and flawlessly keep it all together, you're tired.

It feels like your mind is constantly racing, trying to figure out your next move. 

And, to top it off, your body feels wired...but exhausted all at the same time. 

Between sleepless nights, your heart pounding out of your chest and the tension throughout your body , you don't know what to do.

 What you do know is that something's gotta give

Anxiety doesn't have to continue to rule the way you participate in your life.

I'm a therapist in Horsham, PA who helps teens and adults heal from debilitating stress, worry, and the grind for perfection. 
I specialize in treating anxiety, body image and binge eating disorder and am passionate about helping people rediscover their personal badassery and start living the life they've always dreamed of... on their own terms.

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