New THRIVE Global Article! 5 Ways Dieting is Setting You Up

The pressure to be thin and fit is everywhere you look. On television, the internet, magazine covers. There’s no escaping it. Every time you stroll through the grocery store you find more fat-free, sugar-free, everything-free foods to help guide you to the promised land; a thin, “toned” physique.

Think about it for a second. Imagine that it's Sunday night, and you’re ready to launch into a new diet (because Monday is the new beginning, right?). You're ready to white-knuckle it and lose those last "x" number of  pounds, so you can finally be at peace with your body. But is it that easy? I’d argue that this new diet you’re ready to jump into could be setting you up remain stuck in a dieting cycle that you're already all to familiar with.

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I'm a body image and eating disorder therapist and coach based out of Horsham, PA. 

I specialize in working with women struggling with binge eating and their relationships with their bodies.

I'm passionate about helping women rediscover and stand in the power of how beautifully badass they are and always have been!