Ask Yourself... Are You Ready?

Over the past 7 days we’ve covered a lot.

From body image, to self-talk, to tuning into cravings and your body’s level of hunger and fullness.

By now you’re beginning to see that the best way to normalize your relationship with food and your body is to give up dieting.

Trying something new can be scary. But, with time, practice and patience (with yourself and the process) I truly believe that you can live your life the way you have always wanted; wholeheartedly, without distraction and fear of food and weight gain. 

I've got to ask...are you ready?

Diving into this isn’t easy. In fact, by doing so, you're losing a part of you... a part of you that has taken up so much of your time and energy; a part of you that has been fueled by hope of achieving your dream body and drained by feelings of defeat when you don't get there.

Hesitation is normal, and so are the feelings of loss that come along with throwing out the dieting mentality.


I bet you never thought you could grieve your relationship with dieting. But, I’m willing to bet that you've felt all of these feelings as you consider healing your relationship with food, once and for all.

Shock- You’re thinking that all this sounds really good… that there just might be some hope for you to stop feeling so crazy around food and start loving the body you live in.

But, seriously, give up dieting?

Ya right!

Denial- You’ve thought that there’s no way that throwing out the dieting mentality will actually help you feel less crazy around food.

There has to be one more diet… just one… that will work!

Remember, 90-95% of people regain the weight they’ve lost on a diet. I know, you want to believe there is hope for the diets to work. But, like I’ve shared, the research proves otherwise.

Anger- You’re mad at yourself for letting things go too far, for gaining the weight and for not having the willpower to lose it and keep it off.  

You’re pissed that your husband/boyfriend/best friend lost 50 pounds like it was nothing. You curse your genetics for storing fat in undesirable locations

Bargaining- This whole diet survivor thing sounds really good. But, maybe you’ll try it once you lost another 10 pounds, or when you hit that size (*enter desired size here*).

Once you get there, then you’ll learn how to eat intuitively and mindfully.

Depression- You’ve spent SO much time, energy and money on dieting. You’ve poured your heart into following plans and you’ve mistreated yourself when you’ve slipped up. You can’t believe that you allowed yourself to operate in this way. And, you don’t want to believe that you’ll never reach your desired weight.

By embarking on a path that sets you free from food obsession, restricting and bingeing, you are giving yourself permission to live in the moment, to love yourself and enjoy all foods without guilt and fear.

Acceptance- You see that dieting is in fact a set up for failure. You’ve seen, time and time again, that dieting costs you your time, money, energy and emotional health. You’re ready to do the work to accept your body as it is, and eat according to what your body is asking for.

Take a moment to imagine:

  • Living life without feeling crazy around food
  • Trusting that your body knows what it needs and that it will let you know what, and when
  • Knowing how to slow down and tune into your body’s signals
  • Not worrying about bingeing every time the weekend hits
  • Feeling comfortable in your body
  • Speaking to yourself with love, kindness and compassion
  • Coping with your life stressors by caring for yourself; not by reaching for food
  • Never feeling deprived of your favorite foods again

It sounds like a dream, right?

It’s possible.

And, I want to help you make it your reality.

On March 8 the Diet Survivor’s Support Group kicks off.

This is a small group for 8 women who are looking for guidance, support and accountability. We’ll dig into what’s led to countless dieting cycles and you’ll learn the steps to heal your relationship with food, your mind and your body.

You’ll be surrounded by like-minded women who are motivated to challenge what they’ve known and practiced for so many years.

Want in?

We’d love to have you!

Head over here to learn more and to sign up.

Looking for more info? Shoot me an email and I’ll be in touch to talk more about the group and if you’d be a good fit.

As always, seeing you for the beautiful badass that you are… on the inside and on the outside!